About Bio-Products Institute

An inter- and multi-disciplinary research team comprising of scientists, engineers, market and policy experts forms the Bio-Products Institute (BPI).

It brings together the five UBC strategic research centres in support of bio-economy research and education.

The BPI is working towards extracting high value products like bio-materials, bio-energy and bio-chemicals from bio-resources.


Vision Statement:

The Bio-Products Institute vision is to enable the potentially profound and globally significant discovery of the biosynthesis of forest biomass that will unlock nature’s nearly unlimited genetic library of biocatalysts that are uniquely designed to deconstruct, convert and functionalize biomass constituents.

The application of emerging biocatalysts, supplemented with world-leading catalytic polymer chemistry, provides the potential to create molecular engineered and functionalized nano-, fibre and polymeric composite materials at the global vanguard of materials science that will revolutionize products from biomedicine to transportation.

BPI’s objective is to impact the research and technology development of forest bioproducts that will build on Canada’s significant investment and global leadership in the forest bioeconomy to help turn the tide of global climate change.

Our Strategy:

  1. Recruit the best and brightest to create a world class innovation network
  2. Build an international bio-economy network that brings together industry, government and universities
  3. Develop a world-class pilot-scale bio-economy demonstration facility in British Columbia
  4. Create an innovative and impactful bio-products education program